Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome + Disclaimer

Hello and welcome. On this blog I'll be posting links of mainly obscure but excellent music from various genres. Not really limiting myself here to any particular music style but you can rest assured that I'll only be posting music which is worthwhile.
Please buy the albums if you really like them and support the artists in any way possible. Buy some merchandise from the official store or site, attend some concerts if you can, etc.

None of these files on here are hosted on this website. They're all hosted on various file hosting sites, mainly unless mentioned otherwise.
Also note that none of the actual files are uploaded by me and I'm only linking to files hosted by other people. I simply don't have the bandwidth to upload them myself at the moment. They're all links I've found on the internet in other words and I only post them on here for promotional purposes as explained below.

There are thousands of good bands out there that we've never even heard of and it's virtually impossible for anyone to buy each and every album they want to check out unless you're very rich. Most aren't. Even if you have the money, it's not always possible to buy some of the more obscure music simply due to unavailability of the material or the difficulties in obtaining them. Eg. Limited releases, Not being available in shops in an area, Not everyone has credit cards or a means of purchasing material online, etc. So this way, you could actually listen to an album beforehand and then decide to buy it if you like it or not. For the artists, it's a question of deciding whether you'd prefer having a small number of fans who buy the albums or a larger fan base who appreciate their work. I think any musician who treats music as a form of art or a way of expressing themselves doing something they enjoy rather than as a means of making quick money off trendy kids would all choose the latter option. As far as I know, every artist's dream is to have more people who appreciate their work and that is exactly what music blogs do. If it weren't available for free on internet, much of these music we wouldn't have even heard of to begin with. Also note that most of the people who use blogs like these to download are very much experienced internet users and every one of them helps in spreading the bands popularity through websites like, encyclopedia metallum, rateyourmusic, etc which in the long term translates to more fans and more people buying albums, merchandise etc. Believe it or not, piracy helps most artists way more than you'd want to believe or you'd imagine.
-source: the internet-
So my only intention is to share the good music and let the artists have the recognition they truly deserve. Don't request or even expect me to post any of the commercial garbage which you see on tv and hear on the radio these days. And for your record, since there are no advertisements on this site - and there will never be - and the fact I'm linking to other people's files instead of using my own (to collect points or anything like that), there's absolutely no benefit for me in this.

If you're the author/owner of any material posted on here and want it to be removed, you can contact me using email. I can give my word to you that I'll not repost it on here.