Monday, June 30, 2008

Darkspace - Dark Space -I [Demo] [2002]

darkspace 1 demo

Genres: Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Ambient, Atmospheric

1.Dark -1.-1
2.Dark -1.0


Darkspace - Dark Space I [2003]

darkspace 1

Genres: Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Ambient, Atmospheric

1.Dark 1.1
2.Dark 1.2
3.Dark 1.3
4.Dark 1.4
5.Dark 1.5
6.Dark 1.6
7.Dark 1.7


Darkspace - Dark Space III [2008]

Darkspace 3

Genres: Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Ambient, Atmospheric

01. Dark 3.11
02. Dark 3.12
03. Dark 3.13
04. Dark 3.14
05. Dark 3.15
06. Dark 3.16
07. Dark 3.17

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Darkspace - Dark Space II [2005]

darkspace 2

Genres: Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Ambient, Atmospheric

1. Dark 2.8 (23:39)
2. Dark 2.9 (10:21)
3. Dark 2.10 (20:09)

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Download Part2

Ice Ages - This Killing Emptiness [2000]

ice ages killing emptiness

Genres: Industrial, Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambient, Dark Ambient

1. Far Gone Light
2. Lifeless Sentiments
3. The Fiend
4. I Come for You
5. This Killing Emptiness
6. Heartbeat
7. The Last Time
8. Shades of Former Light
9. The Denial
10. Lost in Daze


Ice Ages - Strike the Ground [1997]

ice ages strike ground

Genres: Industrial, Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambient, Dark Ambient

1. A dream as real as darkness (part I)
2. A dream as real as darkness (part II)
3. Strike the ground
4. Time of dawn
5. Endless circle
6. Shrink to nothing
7. Almost invincible
8. Trapped and scared
9. Dead but wide awake
10. Darkened world

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cusco - Ancient Journeys: A Vision of the New World [2000]

cusco ancient

Genres: New-age, Chillout, Electronic

1. Gama  
2. Conquistadores
3. Land of the Midnight Sun
4. Tigris & Euphrates
5. Byzantium
6. Journeys of Marco Polo
7. Horsemen of Bulgar
8. Kublai Khan
9. Crusades


Woods Of Infinity - Hamptjaern [2007]

woods of infinity

Genres: Black Metal

01. Elvira
02. Väsendet
03. Iakttagen
04. Likgiltig
05. Avgrund
06. Stilla
07. Första Augusti
08. Ending Existence
09. World Of Lost Innocense
10. Hidden Track


Rome - Confessions D'un Voleur D'ames [2007]

rome confessions

Genres: Martial Industrial, Neofolk, Martial, Industrial, Folk, Apocalyptic Folk, Ambient, Atmospheric

1. Ni Dieu Ni Maitre
2. The Consolation Of Man
3. Le Carillon
4. Der Wolfsmantel
5. Querkraft
6. The Torture Detachment
7. Le Voile De L'oubli
8. The Joys Of Stealth
9. This Twisted Crown
10. Novemberblut
11. Wilde Lager
12. L'adieu Aux Anciens


Rome - Nera [2006]

rome nera

Genres: Martial Industrial, Neofolk, Martial, Industrial, Folk, Apocalyptic Folk, Ambient, Atmospheric

1 Der Zeitsturm (1:46)
2 A Burden Of Flowers (3:04)
3 Reversion (4:41)
4 A La Faveur De La Nuit (4:58)
5 Das Unbedingte (4:17)
6 Rape Blossoms (1:50)
7 Beasts Of Prey (3:54)
8 The Blade Unmasked (2:48)
9 Hope Dies Painless (6:08)
10 Nera (2:04)
11 Birds Of Prey (4:35)
12 Les Hirondelles (4:27)


Rome - Berlin [2006]

rome berlin

Genres: Martial Industrial, Neofolk, Martial, Industrial, Folk, Apocalyptic Folk, Ambient, Atmospheric

1 Like Lovers (2:38)
2 The Orchards (3:07)
3 Une Autre Vision (3:16)
4 Clocks (2:29)
5 Wake (2:38)
6 Herbstzeitlose (3:36)


Rome - Masse Mensch Material [2008]

rome mmm

Genres: Martial Industrial, Neofolk, Martial, Industrial, Folk, Apocalyptic Folk, Ambient, Atmospheric

1 Sonnengötter (4:18)
2 Der Brandtaucher (4:17)
3 Das Feuerordal (3:09)
4 Der Tote Spielmann (1:49)
5 Wir Götter Der Stadt (5:05)
6 Die Nelke (4:07)
7 Der Erscheinungen Flucht (3:30)
8 Die Brandstifter (3:33)
9 Kriegsgötter (3:09)
10 Wir Moorsoldaten (4:24)
11 Neue Erinnerung (3:55)
12 Nachklang (5:06)


Dead Can Dance - Into The Labirynth [1993]

dead can dance labyrinth

Genres: Darkwave, Ethereal, Ambient, Gothic

1. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)   
2. Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
3. Wind That Shakes The Barley
4. Carnival Is Over
5. Ariadne
6. Saldek
7. Towards The Within
8. Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home)
9. Spider's Stratagem
10. Emmeleia
11. How Fortunate The Man With None



In The Nursery - Era [2007]

in the nursery - era

Genres: Neo-classical, Electronic, Martial, Industrial, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Gothic

3.Material& Form
4.Silent in Time
5.Tempered Wings
8.Imperfect Design
9.Dog Fight


Friday, June 27, 2008

Pentagram - First Daze Here: The Vintage Collection [2001]

pentagram - first daze vintage

Genres: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal

1.Forever My Queen
2.When the Screams Come
3.Walk in the Blue Light
5.Lazy Lady
6.Review Your Choices
8.Livin' in a Ram's Head
9.Earth Flight
10.20 Buck Spin
11.Be Forewarned
12.Last Days Here


Mazzy Star - Among My Swan [1996]

Mazzy Star among my swan

Genres: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Acoustic

01. Disappear
02. Flowers In December
03. Rhymes Of An Hour
04. Cry, Cry
05. Take Everything
06. Still Cold
07. All Your Sisters
08. I've Been Let Down
09. Roseblood
10. Happy
11. Umbilical
12. Look On Down From The Brid


Thursday, June 26, 2008

March Of Heroes - March For Glory [2007]

march for Glory 2007

Genres: Martial-industrial, Neo-classical, Industrial

01 Prolog
02 March for glory
03 Motherland calls
04 Among ashes and ruins
05 The last strike of heroes
06 Wind of destruction
07 The enemy must fall
08 Victory is our fate
09 In memory of the fallen ones

Pass: schlagz

Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars [2006]

WITR 2006

Genres: Black Metal, Atmospheric

1.Queen of the Borrowed Light
2.Face in a Night Time Mirror: Part 1
3.Face in a Night Time Mirror: Part 2
4.(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 Stars


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Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters [2007]

WITR 2007 

Genres: Black Metal, Atmospheric

1.    Dea Artio   
2.    Vastness and Sorrow
3.    Cleansing
4.    I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots


Agnivolok - Sculptor [2006]

Agnivolok 2006

Genres: Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Folk, Ambient

01 Heart of Stone
02 Close
03 Sculptor
04 Far Away
05 Angels (bonus)
06 Penance


Nest - Woodsmoke [2003]

Nest 2003

Genres: Acoustic, Ambient, Atmospheric

1. The Silvershade Lynx
2. Call Of The Wild
3. By The Healing Waters
4. Otterheart
5. Summer Storm
6. Calmly Passing Monument
7. Renewal
8. Courting
9. A Winternight Visage


Nest - Trial of the Unwary [2007]

Nest 2007

Genres: Acoustic, Ambient, Atmospheric

1. Moonbow
2. Claw and Fang
3. Kontio
4. Hunt
5. The Mire
6. The Turning of the Tides
7. Across the Waters

Download Part1
Download Part2
Password: haRD

Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance [1999]

Estatic Fear 1999

Genres: Symphonic, Doom Metal

1. Intro (Unisono Lute Instrumental)
2. Chapter I
3. Chapter II
4. Chapter III
5. Chapter IV
6. Chapter V
7. Chapter VI
8. Chapter VII
9. Chapter VIII
10. Chapter IX


Nest - Fabled Lore [2000]

 Nest 2000

Genres: Atmospheric, Acoustic, Ambient

1. Land Behind The Mist
2. Mink Twins
3. The Elk King's Daughter
4. An Oaken Citadel

Password: metaldemon666

Estatic Fear - Somnium Obmutum [1996]

 Estatic Fear 1996

Genres: Symphonic, Doom Metal

1. Des Nachtens Suss' Gedone (Instumental With Lute)
2. Somnium Obmutum
3. As Autumn Calls
4. Ode To Solitude


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Dantesco - De la Mano de la Muerte [2005]

dantesco 2005

Genres: Doom Metal, Traditional Doom Metal, Epic Doom Metal

1. Intro: Tiempo de Calma
2. La Tempestad
3. Cronicas de la Muerte Negra
4. Morir de Pie 06:00
5. Mi Venganza 04:49
6. Dantesco 07:37
7. Traidor 04:41
8. El Principe de Valaquia
9. Oda al Fin del Mundo
10. Ataca la Bestia
11. Pavor Nocturnus


Corde Oblique - Volontà d'Arte [2007]

corde oblique 2007

Genres: Neo-classical, Neo-folk, Ethereal, Folk, Classical, Mediterranean

02.Amphiteatrum Puteolanum
03.Casa Hirta
04.Before Utrecht
05.Atheistc Woman
07.My Harbour
11.La Pioggia Sui Tasti
12.Olhos Cinzentos
13.Piazza Armerina

Corde Oblique - Cantastorie (via Youtube)

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